The End.
Update (01/01/13):
Server status is now offline.

Update (12/05/12):
The source code for My~PortCoimbra has been released. Download it here.

There will be some additional updates to this release including added documentation and a guide for pulling data from the Granado Espada client. I should have those updates finished on 12/06/12. Feel free to email any questions regarding the release and use of the code to Jeremy([at])alphaoptix([dot])com. Please note that I will not give support for implementing the code on another server.

My~PortCoimbra will officially stop taking login requests on Dec. 31st 2012; all signature generated before that will stay on our servers till June 13th 2013.

Update (11/28/12):
Sword2's contract with IMC has ended. GamersFirst will be handing the service off to HanbitSoft's "T3Fun". The final transition of this will happen on December 31st which sadly places My~PortCoimbra in an odd position. Due to HanbitSoft's plan to merge ALL of Sword2's servers into one the entire "Family Management System" for Sword2 users also needs to be merged in My~PortCoimbra. Although I appreciate the emails sent from long time fans and users of the site I have no other option but to close My~PortCoimbra earlier than expected.

Note: All signatures generated before Dec. 31st, 2012 will be active till June 13th, 2013. This means that we will continue to host your last signature for half a year. This should give users enough time to move their signature to another image host OR give enough time for another developer to create a signature generator.

I could potentially merge all Sword2 player accounts in My~PortCoimbra but the issue of family name collisions is extremely high. At this point perserving My~PortCoimbra in its original state would be far easier and less stressful for both myself and the players who continue to use the site.

Original post:
Site will shut down for good on June 13th 2013; this goes for My~PortCoimbra also. If you currently use a signature from My~PortCoimbra please take the time to go read the most recent news post. If you dont want to login to My~PortCoimbra you can read the news post here.

In short the URL will unregister and the website (for archive purposes) will be moved to a AlphaOptix subdomain
X5s@Tue June 26, 2012 03:37 pm